Mavic Air Drone

Our old Phantom Vision+ V3 has now been retired and replaced with our all new Mavic Air Drone, we look forward to taking some great new video and photo’s.

11th October 2018

We took some of the footage that we have collected so far and turned it into a cheeky little NCIS style promo – no copyright infringement intended, we just love the theme tune.

9th October 2018

We took the Drone to the same location as the 8th October test video but on this occasion here is 4k mode with differing colour grades. Note the controller is set down and the drone and camera are fully automated.

8th October 2018

We took the Drone out to sample some of the presets known as Quickshots, here is a small YouTube video of how we got on.

Here is our new Drone.

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