Primarily most occasions as standard include;

  • Christenings
  • Children’s Parties
  • Birthdays (of all ages)
  • Engagements
  • Weddings and Wedding Receptions

Others occasions we cover include;

  • Fancy Dress & Theme Nights
  • Bar B Q’s, Galas and Outdoor Events

We also provide entertainment at :

These are usually held at the various Masonic Lodges and Halls in the South Yorkshire area and after all we are a Square and Level business so we know the format.

For the corporate customer we also provide :

  • in store entertainment for promotional events

All our staff are friendly and approachable and open to suggestion on any improvements once they arrive and set up.

i.e if the volume is too loud or if the location of the equipment cause discomfort to you or your guests.

However, as a professional company we only ask one thing in return and that is if we respect you as a customer and listen to your needs then you and your guests treat Excelsior Entertainments and our Dj’s with the same respect at your booking.

Our music varies from the 1940’s to the present day and all points in between so each and every booking can be suited to a particular taste.

Whether it be a family occasion that warrants hits and memories from all decades to a specific genre such as a theme night you are the customer and we listen to you.

In the current technological era that we live in and thanks to the laptops and the external hard drives that we use the amount of songs we carry is countless and now with most venue’s having internet access to many music streaming websites it would be fair to say although unlikely that we would not be able to access a particular song or track.

In the case of the booking being a birthday party or perhaps a wedding anniversary we will play the song that was No.1 on your birthday or that was No.1 on the day you were married !

Our current Karaoke catalogue of songs varies in its vastness and is comparable to our music collection, our selection also varies from the 1940’s to the present day and all points in between.

We at Excelsior Entertainments pride ourselves in being able to offer a wide range of musical tastes where our Disco and Karaoke bookings are concerned and although we may not be the biggest firm in the Barnsley area but we pride ourselves on our professionalism.

Note : It is of course advisable to ring us before to confirm any particular track or tracks you would like to hear, that way this avoids any disappointment on your part. After all even though we have stated it is highly unlikely that we would not be able to access a particular song or track no DJ can carry every single song or album track thats ever been produced.


This is always the part of the booking enquiry that is discussed the most and we’d like to highlight a few notes so that you as the customer may wish to weigh up when making your decision to book with us.

We have been told on occasion that we charge too much but we have always lived by the credo that :

“If you are going to do a job then do it right”

Many other sites will mention how their equipment offers a fantastic and superior sound but can we can state that this is indeed the case with our speaker systems.

We have mentioned on this site and on our Facebook, Twitter and Google + social media feeds that we only use the best equipment in the form of our x2 Bose L1 compact speaker systems.

Because of the unique design of these system only one is needed for private parties for up to 100 people and are more than capable of handling the average Working Men’s Club, they have to be seen and heard to truly appreciate their design and output.

Plus since January 2014 we have invested a large amount of money back into the business to keep us on top form providing top quality bespoke entertainment packages today and into the future.

In the gallery below you can also see images of the lighting that we now use although we must point out that all of our lights use LED’s and so they are much more friendlier to the environment and consume less power but they are no way less inferior in performance to the older generation of lights that used bulbs.

Beneath the pictures in the gallery is a number and this number indicates how many of each lights we have and use.

Other equipment includes our Mixer/s and DJ Booth complete with an overhead lighting rig that attaches to the Booth.

On so many occasions we have heard nothing but great feedback especially when a customer/s have finished signing their favourite song on our Karaoke and at how brilliant the system and they sounded.

We also hear customers tell us after they have booked another company or been to another function “We wish we had booked you instead” therefore we also believe in the saying :

“If you pay peanuts you get monkeys”

As in any business it really is a case of you get what you pay for, please consider that factor when making your enquiries.

Customers may well choose the lowest quote when looking to buy or rent a new service or product and why not after all we all love a good bargain. However, from experience the lowest quote does not always ensure the highest service.

Remember, there are cowboys in every business.

Therefore, when you are ringing round and collecting various quotes all we ask of you is to consider these questions when calling other firms.

  • Do they have Public Liability Insurance in case either you or your guests are injured by their equipment
  • Do they have PAT tested equipment and the relevant paperwork ?

Our Insurance documents and PAT certificate are available for your inspection at any time. They are kept on our Laptops and Memory Sticks for inspection and if necessary they can be emailed to you or your booking venue prior to your booking.

  • Do they confirm your booking via Email, SMS Text or old fashioned snail mail ?
  • Do they own, carry and talk on a Microphone or do they just turn up and play music ?

You may think that the last point is an odd question to ask a DJ but you would be sorely surprised at how many Dj’s turn up without one.

Will they :

  • Listen to your instructions as to your favourite requests i.e artists and genres and any other requirements ?

Or will they just play what they think they should ?

Then ask yourself why they are so cheap !

However, as a professional company we only ask one thing in return and that is if we respect you as a customer and listen to your needs then you and your guests treat Excelsior Entertainments and our Dj’s with the same respect at your booking.

So for a fully tailored quote please get in contact with us via the various methods displayed on this site.


Many other Disco and Karaoke companies will state on their Websites, Brochures, Advertising and Business Cards in some snazzy manner that they have

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • PAT Tested Equipment
  • CRB Fully Checked

All of these are great things to have and they are meant to reassure you the customer that they are a great firm to be trusted.

But many of these companies also use these buzzwords without bothering to investigate or have an in depth knowledge of the subjects that they are so proud to boast about.

So to that end and with complete confidence we have designed this section called Myth Busting to lay some of these claims to rest so please read on to get a better idea and a true representation of the above.

We believe in the old saying that “if you are going to do a job right then it should be done properly in the first place” so we have researched the following for your benefit.


In a world of “politically correct” thinking and “health and safety gone mad” nonsense it can be hard telling fact from fiction when searching online or ringing around for a quote especially when a company will present you with a mind numbing set of facts to convince you that their business and quote is the best.

You will also find that some venue’s and management would have you believe that what they tell you is legally required by law.

However in most cases it is not and some of these “facts” presented to you will include :


If a person is self employed and his or her business consists of just themselves i.e. that they are a Sole Trader and employ no one and are not an employer then they are only responsible for themselves and their own personal safety they therefore do not come under the 1974 Act.


This is the greatest single popular myth of them all and one that is passed on by people who believe anything they are told by the media or on the Internet and also by electrical firms / cold callers who make spurious claims about it being a legal requirement, we are here to tell you it is not !

The below statement is taken from the UK Health & Safety Executives Website.

“It is a myth that all portable electrical appliances in a low-risk environment such as an office need to have a portable appliance test (PAT) every year.

The law simply requires employers to ensure electrical equipment is maintained in order to prevent damage, It doesn’t state what needs to be done or how often.”

Therefore following the guidelines and advice on their site and in their downloadable PDF we carry out our own PAT examinations which is quite legal and within the law.

You can find the PDF at the Health & Safety Executives Website :

Health & Safety Executive

This link answers all the FAQ’s regarding PAT – again all information is contained on the Health & Safety Executives Website :

FAQ’s – Portable Appliance Testing

PAT testing is again linked with the “claim culture” society of it being easier to sue someone for some easy money rather than working for it but we do accept on occasion that there are some quite genuine cases.


A PPL License for the performance of recorded music is required at ALL locations


However, “Family Occasions” i.e. Weddings, Birthdays etc do not require such a license where the booking is being held in a dedicated private room solely for the Hirer / Guests purposes and not the general open “public” bar area where the licence is required – it is the responsibility of the venue management to obtain the licence not the DJ !

It is still however the responsibility of the hirer/s to ascertain whether such a license is current and valid at the booking venue.

Excelsior Entertainments are not liable or responsible if they are prevented from performing by any failure of the hirer/s or venue management to obtain the appropriate license/s or permission and any deposit paid shall be forfeited.


We all know that insurance in general is a rip off but having it of course is a sensible precaution depending on your point of view.

To that end Excelsior Entertainments does carry Public Liability insurance and our documents are available for inspection at anytime upon request.

Our certificates and documents are kept as PDF’s on our laptops at each event we appear at.

We do not have Public Liability Insurance because it is required by law but because of the money grabbing “claim culture” society that has infested this country for a number of years.

The practice of suing and claiming compensation for anything was begun in America in the 1980’s and was known as “Ambulance chasing

Whilst this practice is now prohibited in the United States it is also known as Barratry, in common law.

Barratry is the offense committed by people who are “overly officious in instigating or encouraging prosecution of groundless litigation” or who bring “repeated or persistent acts of litigation for the purposes of profit or harassment.”

Does that sound familiar ? In time this practice founded the principles of the claim culture.


CRB checks are not required if you are visiting a venue on a temporary basis. In the case of a School Ofsted do not require  visitors to provide CRB checks.

Ofsted Website

According to Ofsted, the Government, and the Criminal Records Bureau, a CRB check is not required for a single visit involving a supervised performance / workshop.

A minority of schools have been caught up in mis-understandings of official advice with regard to CRB checks for visiting artists. This arises from a failure to make the distinction between regular staff and occasional visitors.

As a visitor, coming in to perform a show, we are not required to provide a CRB check as we will not have ‘unsupervised access’ to children and contact is not ‘frequent or intensive’.

The situation is different if we are working for more than four days in one month in the same place with the same children. This may be the case with extended workshops.

Enhanced CRB Check  / Enhanced Disclosure.

These are for posts that involve a far greater degree of contact with children or vulnerable adults.  In general the type of work will involve regularly caring for, supervising, training or being in sole charge of such people.

Examples include a Teacher, Scout or Guide leader. “

Clearly by this definition a freelance performer coming in to deliver performances does not require such a check because …

  • We are not a post holder.
  • Our work is not “regular”
  • We are not “in sole charge”

It is a condition of everything we do that we are never working unsupervised or unsupported by properly qualified teaching staff.

We are not staff, but are freelance workers with the same status as a “visitor”

For your help we have put together a PDF brochure with the correct information, if you would like a copy so you can make your own mind up please get in touch.


  • ALL OUR BOOKINGS ARE CONFIRMED IN WRITING – via Text, Email or Snail Mail.